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Natalie Crawshaw

FDES, MIRVAP(ICH) Hydrotherapist, K-Laser Therapist & Massage Therapist

Always remember to sign out after finishing your emails. Please be aware of scams, phishing attempts and ’emergency’ emails. Contact Big Hits Digital Media if you receive suspicious warnings or requests.

In a typical phishing attack, scammers send fake emails to thousands of people, asking for sensitive information (such as bank details), or containing links to bad websites. They might try to trick you into sending money, steal your details to sell on, or they may have political or ideological motives for accessing your organisation’s information.

Phishing emails are getting harder to spot, and some will still get past even the most observant users. Whatever your business, however big or small it is, you will receive phishing attacks at some point. 

Call Big Hits Digital Media if you are unsure rather than taking a risk. 

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