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Animals We Treat

We offer a range of treatments to various breeds of animals for a variety of conditions.

We ensure we put your animal first with bespoke, high quality treatments. 

Dogs at Valley Animal Therapy


We have treated many canines from the highest sporting dogs, top working dogs, athletic & competitive dogs to companion dogs ensuring that each type has a tailored programme to ensure they reach each goal set. We treat many orthopaedic cases pre and post op, neurological cases, weight management, fun and fitness. Each treatment plan is individual and dependant on the patient.

Cats at Valley Animal Therapy


It is often said that cats do not like water but this is not always the case! We have had cats come in for various treatments from wounds where K-Laser has been the answer, orthopaedic cases and neurological cases where a combination of K-Laser and Hydrotherapy have worked together. Each case is different and we treat them according to the individual patient.

Horses at Valley Animal Therapy


We offer a range of mobile treatments that we are able to arrange yard visits to assess and treat your horse whether that is K-Laser, electrotherapy or massage. Each treatment plan is individual to each horse and can be adjusted at any point to ensure the best outcome.

Dogs at Valley Animal Therapy

Other Animals

We possess a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of breeds, ranging from parrots to alpacas. As a result, our approach to treating different animals is tailored to their specific breed and the nature of their ailment. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries, and you may discover our capabilities are beyond your expectations!

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